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My name is Janneke Kemner and together with Ton Hayes we form a blended family. Ton has 2 sons from his previous marriage and I have a son and a daughter from my previous marriage. Three of the four children have now flown out to the big city.

We live in the middle of nature in Breukeleveen. I love this place and combine my life with work. My practice is located next to our home with the advantage that my clients can also enjoy this magical environment.

Live Your Innervoice, my work, is about authentic and inspired living from your core.

Making room for your own authenticity and inspiration and for the authenticity and inspiration of others. Not only when you are aligned with one another but also, especially, when there are differences.

Connection is the magical key 🗝

Deep connection with yourself and transparency is sometimes easier said than done. I went through that challenge myself. Especially during the time of my divorce and whilst forming a blended family. I know which force fields are involved: not only theoretically, but also from experience.

I combine my life experience with my expertise (head, heart & soul) and work as a systemic therapist, speaker and trainer.


‘janneke is an enthusiastic inspirator

who takes yo on a journey to yourself’

The topics I speak about passionately and from my heart

  • Authentic leadership and consciousness
  • Deep listening and the seven laws of holding space
  • Live Your InnerVoice and recognize your Innerdialogue
  • Clearing the way for your children’s InnerVoice
  • Rituals – connecting, healing and transforming 

I hope to meet you and get to know your InnerVoice

X Janneke

Get inspired to speak from your essence – to listen to the essence -to Live Your InnerVoice


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The festival of consciousness

The exponential evolution of science and technology has brought us unprecedented progress. But this progress has not always been paired with an equally compelling vision of a future that benefits all of us as a global community. At times, progress and consciousness seem to be evolving in opposite directions.Understanding our true human nature, elevating our collective consciousness and developing a shared vision about our common future as a species: These are the essential challenges that humanity faces in the XXI century. More than a new industrial revolution, what the world needs is a consciousness revolution.The purpose of the FoC is to open minds and challenge world views that are still anchored in old ideas of religion, competition, materialism and scarcity in order to clear the way toward a world of fluid diversity, collaboration, sharing and abundance.
Hop on the consciousness wave and enjoy the ride!

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